Perfect Your Life in One Year

Expect All Year the Moment You Start

You Will Overcome Guilt

You Will Find the Key to Unlimited Riches

You Will Receive the Answer to All Your Prayers

You Will Know Who the Good and Bad People Are

You Will Know How to Solve Any Problem and Correct Any Mistake

You Will Protect Your Life from All Harm

You Will Be Free from All Slavery even Jails and Mental Institutions

You Will Live a Perfect Life

Use at your own risk. All sales are final.

Overcome Guilt and Only Know Innocence

When it happens, you will simply wish you knew sooner. You will be able to face any fear and see limitless opportunity and unlimited riches leading always to freedom by learning about, understanding, and knowing only reality, because you will know how to see illusions and reality clearly, so you can dispel the illusions and embrace reality.

Discover Unlimited Riches Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Really. Think of anything. Do you have a good imagination? Discover riches beyond your wildest dreams? What are your dreams? Do you have any? Or has depression and lifelessness taken all your riches, hopes, and dreams?

Now there is an Answer. The real question is, are you ready? A little willingness is all it takes. And yes, you will still be surrounded by wolves and sharks. And there still is a working graveyard. So, what are you waiting for? It is only a matter of time. Why don’t you get it over with? Still waiting for an Answer or are you given to death?

The Answer to Your Prayers

With the tools available, it is easy to absorb and use the Answer in one year to harness unlimited power, but can you endure?

A little willingness is all it takes to turn your life around.


Robert Gordon Brown
owner of sword light llc

So, I ask to share my Guidance, and present the Answer clearly right before your eyes without the use of magic or gimmicks. Just simple communication you can use anywhere in peace without feeling uncomfortable and you will not feel like you are hiding something. It helps build confidence and feel esteemed around others. Is that the Answer you have been waiting for?

Perfect Your Life in One Year with One Sentence a Day

I will send you one e-mail a day for one year to the e-mail address you provide when you order. Every day of the week you will transform your life into the person you always wanted to be with no effort at all other than the time it takes to read one sentence each day. Use at your own risk. All sales are final.

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Available 01/01/2022

It gets way worse before it gets better.

$9.97 for the whole year!


Less than $1.00 a month!


Again. Use at your own risk. All sales are final!

$9 Refunds are AVAILABLE until Release Date.
In case of natural causes refunds will be issued ASAP if manual start of e-mail automation never occurs and $9 is all I can afford to pre-orders.